Friday, May 27, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Maintaining control of our lives

By Lisa Goudy

In the mega film, ‘The Avengers,’ at one point Agent Coulson says to Captain America, “We could use a bit of old-fashioned.”

In many ways, this sentiment could apply to many parts of our society today, including technology that has allowed us to do some great things that weren’t possible even as recent as a few decades ago. We have made some amazing advancements in medicine, for example, such as medical equipment technology to allow for more comfortable scanning equipment, as one of countless examples. 

Innovation in technology has also allowed us to do things less essential, but nonetheless helpful, such as a golf GPS watch that does things such as measure distance from your location to the hole on the green, as well as sand traps, on a golf course.

While we can all love smartphones and social media as a way to stay connected at all times and know what’s going on around the world, addiction to technology is a growing problem. 

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  1. Awesome column with many excellent points! I agree with what Agent Coulson said! People need to stop being so dependant on technology. Otherwise we'll end up having terminators and machines destroying the planet even more than we humans already are.