Sunday, May 15, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Gerald Hill: a poetic superhero

Newest Sask. poet laureate to present at Festival of Words
Gerald Hill, Saskatchewan poet laureate, will be a
presenter at the 2016 Saskatchewan Festival of Words.
Submitted photo

By Lisa Goudy

Saskatchewan’s newest poet laureate Gerald Hill is jumping on the superhero craze.
“As poet laureate I’ve been creating a series of pieces which sort of pretend the poet laureate is a superhero and as soon as he takes office, various problems are solved in the world. Some of these problems are very trivial and some of them are more a little bit more profound,” said Hill, who is newly retired from his career teaching English and creative writing at Luther College at the University of Regina.
“For example when I became poet laureate, the slide in oil prices was reversed and the Canadian oil revived, that kind of thing. It’s all meant to be playful and light in a sense, but the point is that poetry has power. Poetry can create positive effects. So I’m pretending that as poet laureate suddenly I’m this poetic superhero that’s zooming around fixing things. It’s just sort of a fun concept.”
He will fly into Moose Jaw again this summer for the 20th annual Saskatchewan Festival of Words set for July 14 to 17.

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