Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Fixing infrastructure requires plan of action now

By Lisa Goudy

The word infrastructure is being tossed around a lot lately.

You don’t have to look hard to see why a lot of people complain about the infrastructure. Particularly with all of the snow, the roads are in worse shape than they were before. Water and sewer line breaks are constantly being reported. Day by day, the infrastructure is deteriorating. It’s easy to complain.

But money doesn’t grow on trees. We need to stop talking and start acting with whatever money we have available. I know it’s not much considering how much we need, but at least there is some sort of plan.

Further, it’s just as easy to forget that we are not alone. Moose Jaw is not the only city in Saskatchewan or in Canada that is having infrastructure problems. We all need to get our infrastructure fixed.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald Weekend Extra: A greater willingness to talk about violence against women

Montreal Massacre ignited change in attitude, legislation and awareness

A staff member at the Moose Jaw Transition
House talks to someone on the crisis line.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Ever since the Montreal Massacre in 1989, there has been more talk about violence against women, according to the executive director of Moose Jaw Transition House.

“I think with so many things, people are reluctant to act until there’s a tragedy,” said Karen Closs. “We often don’t realize until there’s a tragedy just what the impact is.”

On Dec. 6, 1989, Marc Lepine entered École Polytechnique in Montreal in the school's engineering department.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: CPR dam replacement ineligible for provincial funding

Cost of repair following spring flooding still under consideration

By Lisa Goudy

The entire cost of replacing the CPR dam will not be eligible for funding under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP).

“(The replacement cost) has been basically eliminated from consideration, but ... because of the flooding we had the previous spring, we had road damage and infrastructure damage and bridges and that sort of thing in addition to the CPR dam,” said city clerk/solicitor Myron Gulka-Tiechko. 

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More information on the PDAP program can be found here

Past Times-Herald articles on the CPR dam:

Oct. 9: Sole source contract for CPR dam repairs approved

Oct. 1: More funding for CPR dam repairs

Sept. 28: City hopes to clear up residents' CPR dam issues

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Getting the ice just right

Head icemaker helps transform Mosaic Place for the Canada Cup

Head icemaker Jamie Bourassa pebbles the
 ice to transform Mosaic Place into the curling arena
for the Canada Cup of Curling.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Jamie Bourassa has been preparing ice for 36 years.

Head icemaker Bourassa and his team of 15 have been hard at work converting the space in Mosaic Place for the Canada Cup of Curling, which is set to begin Wednesday and runs until Sunday.

“I love the challenge and being able to solve different situations all the time,” said Bourassa, who resides in Calgary.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Executive votes to sell land to Federated Co-op

By Lisa Goudy

The City of Moose Jaw's executive committee has voted to sell 3.87 acres of land on the northern outskirts of town toward Saskatoon to Federated Co-op.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Citizens with valid wildlife permits closer to bylaw exemption

By Lisa Goudy

People who care for specific wildlife, such as falcons, with a valid provincial or federal permit are one step closer to having an exemption in the city bylaw.

During Monday’s executive committee meeting, executive approved Coun. Heather Eby’s motion to authorize the city to prepare an amendment to the Livestock Bylaw, Bylaw 4251, to make an exemption for individuals with a valid provincial or federal permit allowing the keeping of certain animals under specified conditions.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Farmland to still be tendered to highest bidder

By Lisa Goudy

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to support Canadian charity

By Lisa Goudy

Despite harsh weather conditions and other challenges, Moose Jaw’s Keith and Rynette Guillaume climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with a group in support of a charity.

“We blew around a little bit and froze (at the summit),” said Rynette.

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WaterCan Kilimanjaro Climb for Life website

Canadian charity WaterCan website

Additional comments about the trip

Going back down Mount Kilimanjaro was a difficult task.

“It was a lot harder going down than it was going up,” said Keith Guillaume.

Keith and his wife Rynette made the climb with a group as part of the Canadian charity WaterCan’s Climb for Life. The group consisted of 23 people and 22 of them made the climb.

In order to visit Tanzania, the climbers required vaccinations for yellow fever and typhoid, malarone for malaria, diamox for altitude sickness and cipro, a general antibiotic for travel abroad.

Each climber burned an average of between 4,000 and 6,000 calories per day and drank around four litres of water per day to maintain energy and hydration levels. Moose Jaw’s Keith and Rynette Guillaume said it was hard on the body to make the climb.

Keith said the first three days of their trip were spent in the Kiteto district in central Tanzania. The district had a new health clinic built, but because there was no clean access to clean water it was shut down. The only water the village of 1,100 people had access to was a well 20 minutes away by foot.

“It was a well, but it was just a hole in the ground,” said Keith. “It was probably close to 60 feet deep, but it only had six inches of water in the bottom and the water that was in the bottom of it was just black and polluted.”

The couple said seeing poverty firsthand is different than hearing about it.

“We visited some of the projects that are both being evaluated and have been completed and got to see firsthand the challenges that they face,” said Keith. “It was about a nine-hour drive from the city out to where we spent a few days. The drive was an experience. The roads were not very good at all. They made our bad roads look really good.”

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Dinner theatre entertains two sold out crowds

Steve Flegel (left) and Cory Knops (right) perform a
scene during Saturday's performance of Lie, Cheat
and Genuflect put on by the Moose Jaw Community
Players at the Cosmo Senior Citizens Centre.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: “Perfect storm” for city’s infrastructure

By Lisa Goudy

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Getting into the Christmas spirit

Brenda Mackenzie (left), member of the Moose Jaw
Amateur Radio Club, helps Jenna Mohr, 9, (centre)
and Emiley Mohr, 5, (right) talk to Santa at the
North Pole using short wave radio at the Western
Development Museum on Saturday.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
Western Development Museum holds Christmas festivities

By Lisa Goudy

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Elks Lodge and Royal Purple hold open house

Royal Purple of Moose Jaw past honoured royal lady
Marie Gibbs (left) sits with present honoured royal lady
Shereen Ewanchook (right) at an information booth
at the Elks Lodge and Royal Purple open house and
membership drive on Saturday.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Whimsical art on display at Java Express

Summefest C.A.F.E. Series A Touch of Whimsy art exhibit is
 on display at Gallery@23MainStreet at Java Express. Pictured
are three works by Allison Brandt Malinski titled (left to right):
Blue Dragon, Untitled and Robot. All of those works were
made with recycled fabrics appliquéd with cotton thread.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy

By Lisa Goudy

The art on the walls at Java Express is a little bit quirky.

The latest Summerfest C.A.F.E. (Culture and Art Fundraising Exhibition) Series, put on by Summerfest Arts Corporation and Gallery@23MainStreet, called A Touch of Whimsy, began on Nov. 16 and will run until Jan. 4. The artist reception will be held Saturday at 7 p.m. at Java Express.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Campaign seeks an end to violence against women

By Lisa Goudy

The white ribbon campaign is about working to end violence against women.

“Basically wearing the ribbon is your pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women,” said Karen Closs, executive director of the Moose Jaw Transition House.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Peacock students participate in mock assembly

The Speaker of the House Dan D'Autremont (centre)
waits for the opening ceremony of the mock legislative
assembly to conclude at Peacock Collegiate on Friday.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

After the bell rang, the members stood up, marking the entrance of the Speaker of the House into the legislative assembly.

It wasn’t long after that the mock legislative assembly got underway in the library of Peacock Collegiate on Friday. Approximately 60 students in Grade 11 and mostly Grade 12, coming from a history and a social studies class, took part, in addition to the Speaker of the House, Dan D’Autremont.
The mock assembly was part of D’Autremont’s education outreach program. Also in attendance were Moose Jaw MLAs Warren Michelson and Greg Lawrence, who explained their roles.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Man killed after being struck by semi

By Lisa Goudy

A man was killed on the Trans-Canada Highway near Parkbeg on Thursday night after being hit by a semi truck.

The RCMP said in a release that Hugh Leslie Deiter of Calgary was killed on the Trans-Canada Highway near Parkbeg on Thursday night.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: No over-the-top hype for 100th Grey Cup

By Lisa Goudy

With all of the snow and talk of snow removal, it’s easy to forget that the 100th Grey Cup is on Sunday.

Or maybe that’s just me. Since I’m such a diehard Saskatchewan Roughriders fan, as soon as we’re out of the playoffs I stop paying attention. Sure, I’ll hear who wins what games, but I don’t watch them.

Sometimes I’ll tune in to watch the halftime performance, but I won’t even be doing that this year simply because of who’s performing. The performers are Carly Rae Jepsen, Marianas Trench and Justin Bieber. Bieber is being billed as one of the biggest names in music today. Yes, I’ll admit it. I am not a Justin Bieber fan.

The centennial-year Grey Cup game will be held in Toronto, and the Toronto Argonauts will face off against the Calgary Stampeders. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be a large buzz about it in Toronto. Oddly enough, most of the recent articles pertaining to the Grey Cup were not actually in Toronto, with the exception of The Globe and Mail.

In fact, when I was searching the term “100th grey cup” on Google on Thursday, the number one news item that came up was from The Ottawa Citizen followed by the CBC. You’d think that with such a significant anniversary of the championship game in the CFL, there would be more news hype in Toronto.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Higgins busy fine-tuning mayoral processes

By Lisa Goudy

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Freezing rain, sleet and snow cause trouble

By Lisa Goudy

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Council Notebook

By Lisa Goudy

At Monday’s regular council meeting, Michel Labonte made a presentation to council about legalizing drugs in Moose Jaw and the rest of Canada. He said that people who use Ritalin, alcohol, tobacco or coffee aren’t criminalized and the war on drugs is causing people to be killed in their quest to illegally obtain drugs. He said the country is spending billions to keep the war on drugs going and legalizing all drugs would make for a better use of resources.

For example, he said those with a business licence could sell marijuana to the public. He said legalizing drugs would eliminate Canada’s “own oppressive law against its own people” and to demonstrate to the world that “compassion and tolerance do have to prevail if a country truly wish(es) to respect the human rights and the freedoms of all its citizens.”

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Council receives third quarter report

By Lisa Goudy

Fewer people used the city’s transit system from July to September in 2012 than in the same time frame in 2011.

During Monday’s regular council meeting, council received the city manager’s city department quarterly reports for the third quarter from July 1 to Sept. 30.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Council keeps municipal tax prepayment discounts and notices

By Lisa Goudy

Incentives for the early payment of municipal taxes were reviewed during Monday's regular council meeting.

The financial services department presented a report to council regarding information about the provincial government’s changes to the Cities Act effective Jan. 1 and the effect on the prepayment discounts. It also required a revision of Bylaw 4279, which outlines the penalties the city offers for late payment of property taxes.

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Bulk fuel purchase allows for lower prices

By Lisa Goudy

The city’s financial services department has authorization to obtain a tender of bulk fuel purchase from the provincial government.

During Monday’s regular city council meeting, Coun. Don Mitchell brought forward the motion to authorize the financial services department to obtain authorization for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Central Services to tender and award the gas and diesel requirements for the city for a four-year term as recommended by financial services.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Mitchell apologizes for offensive comment

By Lisa Goudy

When asked by Mayor Deb Higgins, Coun. Don Mitchell didn’t hesitate to apologize Monday night.

“I apologize for the unparliamentary side comment that (I made based on) what I observed and concluded from Coun. Luhning’s comments,” he said.

Mitchell’s apology during Monday’s regular city council meeting came after he used offensive language during an address by Coun. Dawn Luhning regarding curbside recycling.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Voter election concerns addressed at council

Robert Thomas presents his concerns
with the 2012 municipal election to council
during Monday's council meeting at city hall.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy

By Lisa Goudy

The next municipal election is four years away, but it was a topic of concern Monday night.

During Monday’s regular city council meeting at city hall, Robert Thomas publicly presented his concerns regarding the municipal election and the violation of voter secrecy. Council voted to receive and file his concerns.

“I fully realize there are some in the community who are going to say, ‘This is no big deal and the election’s over and done with,” said Thomas. “Personally, I beg to disagree. From the people I’ve spoken to in the city, I am very strongly convinced that there are lots of people not happy with the process at all.”

Friday, November 16, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: City street snow removal on track

By Lisa Goudy

A snow plow works away on 11th Avenue Northwest before turning
around to continue plowing Caribou Street West this week.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
Ever since the snowfall started on Nov. 9, the city has been working hard to clear priority streets.

“The streets that have been cleared up to (Friday) — all the areas where we store snow — they have all been cleared and plowed and snow removed from them,” said Duane Grado, public works manager with the City of Moose Jaw. “They were done within four days and that’s a midnight shift.”

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: On the hunt for toys in annual drive

By Lisa Goudy

The Salvation Army is looking for toys, toys and more toys.

“Usually what we find is the older age groups (are harder to fill),” said Moose Jaw Salvation Army Capt. Laurie Reilly. “Everybody loves to buy little kiddie stuff because, let’s face it, they’re fun toys. I have a four month old granddaughter and she’s got the best little toys ever. But it’s the older people, 10, 12 and up is what we have problems filling.”

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Stamps’ Lewis’ offensive tweet never should’ve happened

By Lisa Goudy

Social media is one of the best and worst tools available. The thing you have to remember before sending out a tweet is that once it’s out there, it’s out there. Even if you delete it afterward, it only takes one person to retweet your comment for it to have the tweet available permanently and the consequences will ensue.

Such is the case for Calgary Stampeders’ Nik Lewis. Lewis has garnered media attention since he tweeted “I just bought OJ’s gloves on eBay. Now all I need is a white girl named Nicole. #MaybeALittleToFar” On Wednesday the CFL fined Lewis an undisclosed amount for violating the league’s social media policy. This I believe was an appropriate action for his foolish and insensitive tweet.

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Latest update on the tweet: CBC news story - Stamps' Nik Lewis to donate to women's shelter after O.J. tweet

CBC Calgary story on the fine

Vancouver Sun story

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Snow still causing some trouble on the roads

A truck drives in the ruts on Caribou Street West
near 14th Avenue Northwest on Thursday.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

It’s been a week since the snow began to fall in Moose Jaw and the repercussions are ongoing.

“It was called a little bit insane,” said Marilyn Carter, secretary dispatcher for Walker Enterprises, which owns Walker’s Towing and Amil’s Taxi. “You get behind a little bit for something like that, but then you catch up.”

She said in the first few days of the storm, Walker’s Towing dealt with more people getting stuck than having to tow vehicles.

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Volunteers needed for annual kettle campaign

By Lisa Goudy

A lot of volunteers will be needed for the Salvation Army’s annual Christmas kettle campaign.

Moose Jaw Salvation Army Capt. Laurie Reilly said they will need about 20,000 hours of volunteer work with at least 150 volunteers able to do between two and three shifts. The kickoff for the program is on Dec. 1 at 10 a.m. at the Co-op grocery store.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Strong year-end results expected at downtown facilities

By Lisa Goudy

Things are looking good for Mosaic Place and the field house.

Mosaic Place and field house general manager Scott Clark said there is an estimated year-end surplus of $400,000 with less reliance on the city’s annual grant. Based on the September month-end, the surplus is currently around $393,000.

“We’ve had a good year. We’re not where we want to be as of yet, but we’re getting there and we’re doing well,” said Clark. “The building is busy every day … We think we may have some pretty good revenue in the fourth quarter too.”

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: New council takes oath of office

Mayor Deb Higgins shakes hands with provincial
court judge Margaret Gordon after taking her
oath of office on Tuesday night at city hall.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Construction permits up in 2012 over 2011

By Lisa Goudy

The single largest building permit issued in October went to Paice Construction allowing the company to build a $462,000-storage building on the 1300 block of Athabasca Street East.

The second largest permit went to Sparta Homes Ltd. to build a dwelling and attached garage and deck for $418,000 on the zero block of Hodges Crescent.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Salvation Army looking for people to adopt a family for Christmas

By Lisa Goudy

A hamper filled with Christmas dinner awaits any family adopted in the Salvation Army’s Adopt A Family program.

Moose Jaw Salvation Army Capt. Laurie Reilly said the qualifications for families to be adopted are the same qualifications for the Christmas hampers. Families who are on social assistance or with middle to low incomes can qualify.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Patient focus in new hospital planning

Five Hills Health Region exercise therapist Dot Hicks
talks about one of the initial models conceived this past
week for the new hospital at the report out on Friday.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Elks Lodge to celebrate centennial

By Lisa Goudy

It’s been 100 years since the inception of the Elks of Canada and the local club is holding an open house to celebrate.

The Elks Lodge and the Royal Purple Lodge of Moose Jaw are holding an open house and membership drive on Nov. 24 from 2  to 5 p.m. in the Legion Hall. The Elks of Canada was founded on Sept. 26, 1912, and is the largest, all-Canadian fraternal organization in the country.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: “The name’s Bond. James Bond” — a look at 007

By Lisa Goudy

Friday is the release date of the 23rd official James Bond film, Skyfall.

I am an avid Bond fan. I have seen all 22 official films and have every intention of going to see the newest one at some point. Most of them I enjoyed. James Bond, Agent 007 for the British Secret Service, is the world’s most famous spy and is always associated with his key quote, “The name’s Bond. James Bond,” first made famous by actor Sean Connery.

In my opinion, Bond is classic. After all, it is the longest-running film franchise in cinema history and according to Cineplex Magazine, it spans 50 years and 2,897 minutes of screen time.

Yes, at times the gadgets and things Bond accomplishes are ridiculous. But him saving the world, ordering martinis “shaken, not stirred” and being the classic spy is what makes good Bond movies so much fun to watch. I believe that, if done right, Bond has the potential to last many more years.

Ian Fleming created the character of Bond and drew on a lot of inspiration from his experiences and friends. According to the Ian Fleming official website, he was trained as a journalist. He worked as an assistant to the director of naval intelligence in London during the Second World War.

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Ian Fleming official website

The Official James Bond 007 Website

Skyfall movie official website

Regina Leader-Post: Daniel Craig on playing Skyfall's 'complicated' Bond by Jay Stone, Postmedia News

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Be well prepared for snowy conditions

By Lisa Goudy

By the end of Friday, Moose Jaw has a 90 per cent chance of having between 10 and 15 centimetres of snow.

According to the Weather Network website on Thursday, forecasters predict that Moose Jaw will receive between two and four centimetres of snow Friday morning and close to five centimeters Friday afternoon with winds blowing at 30 kilometres per hour.

The snowfall was expected to start Thursday night around 9 p.m. with close to one centimetre overnight. The snowfall is anticipated to continue until Saturday evening. The forecasted high for Friday is -7 C, but  -15 C with the wind chill.

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Time for Christmas hamper interviews

By Lisa Goudy

The Salvation Army is getting ready to begin this year's Christmas hamper interviews.

Beginning Tuesday and continuing until Nov. 30, the Salvation Army will be conducting interviews for Christmas hampers. The interviews for applications are being done at the Community Family Services office beside the thrift store on First Avenue Northeast.

“Usually anybody on social assistance is automatically accepted,” said Moose Jaw Salvation Army Capt. Laurie Reilly. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Police use Find My Phone to find stolen vehicle

Sgt. Cliff Froehlich of the Moose Jaw Police
Service sits with an iPhone at a computer.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Smartphone GPS apps can be useful to the police to recover stolen vehicles.

Sgt. Cliff Froehlich of the Moose Jaw Police Service said that while there have been no instances of a car GPS being used to locate a stolen vehicle in Moose Jaw, the Find My Phone GPS app was recently used to apprehend a thief who stole an iPhone and then a vehicle.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Honouring River Street house fire victim with fundraiser

By Lisa Goudy

Annie Krogan, 48, was the kind of person who enjoyed organic foods and coffee and who was loved by all who knew her.

“You’d see her at the coffee shop the odd time … I’d known her quite well for the past five years. She was a very lovely person, very good to her friends and just a real joy,” said Christy Schweiger. “It was a shame that she had to leave us.”

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