Friday, September 30, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Cultivating reconciliation

By Lisa Goudy

I don’t truly know what it must’ve been like to be at a residential school.

I know about the system and I’ve heard and read about what the conditions were like. Residential schools, sponsored by government, had one horrifying mission – to assimilate Aboriginal children into our Euro-Canadian culture. 

The schools operated for more than a century, from the mid-1880s to the mid-1990s. Children were taken from their families, from their homes, from their communities and placed into these awful institutions run by religious orders in collaboration with the federal government. 

These children weren’t allowed to speak their native languages. They weren’t allowed to practice their culture.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Another victory in the books

By Lisa Goudy

I don’t know how many wins it takes to be on a winning streak, but I’d like to think the Riders are on one now.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders faced off against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Mosaic Stadium on Saturday and managed to score another win with a final score of 20-18. Not only did it mark the third win of the season for us, but it also marked a back-to-back victory after last week’s game. 

All in all, it was a good game with several nail-biter moments mixed in. However, if a few little things had gone differently, the game would’ve been Hamilton’s. 

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Election 2016: What you need to know

By Lisa Goudy

There are a total of 48 candidates running for council, mayor or the two school boards in the Oct. 26 election.

“I believe it’s a record number of candidates for the city for city council for sure,” said Carol Reynolds-Wittman, the City of Moose Jaw’s communications manager. “It’s good to see so many folks engaged in this year’s municipal election. There’s obviously an appetite for perhaps some change and this is the most democratic way to do that.

“It takes a lot of courage for candidates to put their name forward. So we applaud everyone who has put their name forward for the elections.”

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: School supply drive raises $5,000

Representatives from Staples, the Moose Jaw Times-Herald, Murray GM, the Prairie South School Division (PSSD) and the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division (HTCSD) pose with a portion of school supplies donated for the 2016 school supply drive on Sept. 23, 2016. Pictured, from left (back row): Dave Greig with Murray GM, Lyndsay Hanson with Murray GM, Ernie Wilson with the Times-Herald, Tony Brennan and two fellow Staples employees, Dave DePape with HTCSD, Tim McLeod with PSSD and Derek Lafrenie of Staples. Pictured in front is McKena DePape and Myah DePape, students at St. Margaret School. Lisa Goudy/Times-Herald
By Lisa Goudy

Tony Brennan hauled in two cartloads and a cart piled with school supplies in plastic bags.

He smiled as he looked at the supplies in Staples.

“It speaks to the giving community of Moose Jaw residents,” said Brennan, general manager of Staples. “They really do support this.”

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Elections an essential time of year

By Lisa Goudy

Looking at the list of candidates in this year’s election, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

There are 23 candidates for council, five for mayor, 13 for the Prairie South School Division board and seven for the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division board. There will be one mayor, six councilors, five Prairie South trustees and four Holy Trinity trustees. That’s a lot of people vying for your vote for a limited number of spots available.

Who we elect will have the power to choose how to spend our money, to decide what the priorities of the city and of school boards lie and ultimately to determine the direction our city and schools will go.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Seeking to change the election act

Ernie Penney ineligible to run for council because of where he lives
Lisa Goudy/Times-Herald
Ernie Penney stands with nomination papers

outside city hall. However, since he lives a
mile and a half outside city limits, he
isn’t eligible to run for city council.

By Lisa Goudy

Ernie Penney has always lived in the Moose Jaw area, but because he lives a mile and a half outside city limits, he can’t run for city council.

“From my house, I can hear the sirens. I can hear the traffic. I can hear everything. I can see the city… Streets, sewer, water, it all has an impact on where I farm. I’m downstream from the City of Moose Jaw,” said Penney.

Yet as legislation currently stands, because of where he lives, he isn’t eligible to run for city council. These provisions are outlined in provincial legislation.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Victory for the Green and White

By Lisa Goudy

We did it.

Sunday’s game at Mosaic Stadium in Regina marked a win for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Riders won their second game of the season, ending a seven-game losing streak as we defeated the Edmonton Eskimos 26-23. 

I, and everyone else in Rider Nation, couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. Leaving the stadium with smiles and cheers on our faces instead of hanging our heads low in disappointment as we have been for quite some time, is a far superior way to walk away from a game, especially considering the dismal season we’ve had this year and the year before.

Victories have been slim and the outlook has looked grim, but that we defeated the defending Grey Cup champions on Sunday just adds to the sweetness of victory.

But it was not an easy victory. 

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Road repair must remain a priority

By Lisa Goudy

I was beyond pleased while driving home the other day that a big dip in the road was paved. 

Now I can maintain my speed at 50 km/hr while driving down the entire road.
While its true that construction roadblocks cause delay for drivers and makes us take detours to get where we want to go, its also a sign that work is being done and thats a good thing. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Learning to sing like a star

New singing lessons program expands to Moose Jaw 

By Lisa Goudy

Before Regina country singer-songwriter Amy Nelson went professional, she didn’t think she was a talented enough singer to make it.
“I feel I started later on in life in music and the only reason is because I didn’t think I was good enough,” she said. “So for me when I finally did decide to do a career in music, I thought, ‘well, you don’t know if you don’t try.’”
Sing Like a Star Studios held its first program in Moose Jaw Sept. 14, 2016 at Minto United Church. Pictured, from left, is the Grade ¾ class: Onyk Denet, vocal coach Anne Elder, Addison Simpson, Mykenzie Shymko, Sing Like a Star Studios founder Amy Nelson, Dylan Payne and Ronni Bekar.

It’s that same level of confidence she hopes to inspire in kids. A trained singer and a music educator, Nelson formed Sing Like a Star Studios in Regina in 2011, which offers singing lessons using pop songs for kids in a group environment. Last year, the program was expanded to Lumsden and Balgonie and, as of last week, it was expanded to Moose Jaw as well.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Music creates an everlasting connection

By Lisa Goudy

I’ve loved music from an early age.

Moose Jaw has an amazing community, particularly regarding the arts scene. There are so many great local artists here.I think this is great. At the best of times, music can uplift you and make you feel grand. At the worst of times, music can make you feel just a little bit better.

Not to mention that, like reading, it has great health benefits. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Learn to seek the upsides of poor weather

By Lisa Goudy

Waking up earlier in the week to rainfall and cold weather in only the beginning of September wasn’t fun.

Then again, waking up to poor weather at any time of the year or day of the week isn’t fun. 

Here in Saskatchewan, we tend to be fascinated with the weather. Maybe that’s because we get such strange weather that tends to give us whiplash. Even as I write this, I remember how only a week ago temperatures soared to higher than 30 Celsius, making for a hot, humid and beautiful day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Coming together for Parkinson’s support

By Lisa Goudy
Submitted photo
Members of the Moose Jaw Parkinson Support
 Group pose with Mayor Deb Higgins as she signs the
proclamation declaring this week as Parkinson’s
Disease Awareness Week in Moose Jaw.


Sandra Lucia moved from Ontario to Moose Jaw four years ago and decided to join the local Parkinson Support Group.

“We were very glad we did,” said Lucia, a member of the group who has a family member with Parkinson’s. “It’s just nice to meet others with the same challenges. Movement disorders are a challenge for sure.”

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: We need to laugh more

By Lisa Goudy

In the right context one of my favourite sounds in the world is laughter.

I’m not talking about the sounds of someone laughing at someone else or laughing because you’re nervous. I’m talking about the laughing because you’re happy sound. 
Chances are, though, we’re not laughing enough. We’ve all likely heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine” and it really is true. 

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Take a pause and slow down

By Lisa Goudy

I never thought I’d see the day where Halloween stores open before kids go back to school. But now I have.

It’s true: Halloween stores have been open for the past couple of weeks, including here in Moose Jaw at the Town ‘n’ Country Mall. So while parents were busy buying back to school items, they could also head out and pick out their Halloween costume or accessories. This seems like we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy Halloween.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Helping the kids

Former local schoolteacher donates to School Supply Drive 
Lisa Goudy/Times-Herald
(From left) With the help of Times-Herald employees
Lindsay Anderson, Judy Ellis and Ernie Wilson, Dale
Jackman unloads bags of his school supply donations
for the 2016 School Supply Drive at the Times-Herald office.

By Lisa Goudy

In his nearly 40 years spent as a teacher, Dale Jackman saw many kids in need of school supplies.

“I saw kids coming and they didn’t have adequate supplies and they’re too embarrassed to say anything,” he said. “Especially when I was in the elementary schools, it was more prevalent there.”

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: A mosaic of tiles

Murals of Moose Jaw continues call out for volunteers to paint a tile

By Lisa Goudy

Norma Westgard recognizes that she’s not an artist by any stretch of the imagination.

That, however, isn’t going to stop her from painting a tile from Sept. 15-17 for the Canada 150 mural in Moose Jaw.

“I definitely have no artistic talent and I am going to paint a tile,” she said.