Saturday, May 31, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Playing basketball to travel for change

Penny Maelde, outreach manager at Valley View
Centre, shoots for the hoop as  No. 2 for Team Grey,
Jasmine Jackman, manager of YaraCentre, tries to
block her at the Travelling for Change event at Vanier
 Collegiate on May 31, 2014. Also pictured is Team
Purple No. 5, Will Tallman, a Cougars basketball
player at the University of Regina, and Team Grey
No. 6, Paul Busse, a Moose Jaw firefighter.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Playing sports is much more than having fun. It can teach leadership skills too.

“Sports is a vehicle for human growth,” said Mackenzie Johnson, a student at Vanier Collegiate.
“Sport is amazing and it can do so much for communities. We want to be able to help,” added Makenzie Murdock, a fellow student. “We’re privileged in our community in sport and we wanted to help another community that may be less privileged but equally passionate about sports.”

Murdock and Johnson, along with Zachary Konopaki and Cole Allan, were the four high school students selected to represent Canada at the Doha GOALS (Gathering of All Leaders in Sports) Conference in Doha, Qatar. They were part of the delegation from Olympism4Humanity. At the conference, there were 400 students from 40 different countries.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Broten going back to basics

Opposition Leader focuses on the people at NDP convention

NDP Opposition Leader Cam Broten gives his
address at the Saskatchewan NDP's annual
convention in Moose Jaw on May 31, 2014.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Health care. Education. Seniors.

Those are the main platform pushes for which NDP Opposition Leader Cam Broten is continuing to advocate.

“Politics can’t simply be about the province doing well. It has to be about the people doing well and what we’ve seen from this government in the recent spring sitting that we’ve had is a real failure on the basics,” said Broten after his speech at the 2014 Saskatchewan NDP Convention in Moose Jaw on Saturday.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Three Moose Jaw heritage projects honoured

Browns, Grant Hall, Ross School recipients of heritage awards
Browns Socialhouse is seen on May 30, 2014. It is
one of the three Moose Jaw recipients of the 19th
annual Heritage Architecture Excellence Awards.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy

By Lisa Goudy

Browns Socialhouse, Grant Hall and Ross School will receive excellent recognition.

On June 11, Lt.-Gov. of Saskatchewan Vaughn Solomon Schofield will present the 19th annual Heritage Architecture Excellence Awards at Government House. Those projects from Moose Jaw are three of the eight recipients.

“It speaks volumes for the value built heritage has in the community and how it reflects the desire of the community to be very proud of their past and grow with the future,” said Joe Ralko, publicist with the Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan, the organization that adjudicates the awards.

“I can’t remember a year in the last 10 years where there hasn’t been at least one recipient from Moose Jaw in one of the categories.”

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Be prepared when ugly weather strikes

Lightning strikes around midnight in Sunningdale in Moose
Jaw on May 28, 2014 as the rain started lightly pouring down.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

There is a reason Saskatchewan’s slogan is the Land of the Living Skies.

You don’t have to have been in this province for long before you see at least one breathtaking sunset or sunrise. Sometimes hints of red shine through or maybe red and yellow. Looking at it is truly remarkable.

But of course that’s not the only reason our skies are so alive. There’s the flipside of that serenity, that calmness. We experienced that Wednesday night and overnight into Thursday.

For anyone like me who is born and raised in Saskatchewan, thunderstorm watches aren’t uncommon. Quite frankly, tornado watches aren’t that uncommon either. Storms happen quite regularly, especially in the summer months when the weather heats up.

It is important to know what to do if a tornado does strike. We’ve had some close calls and some confirmed tornadoes in the area over the past few years. But tornadoes tend to form quickly and with no warning.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Leacock Award winner Cassie Stocks headed to Festival of Words

By Lisa Goudy

Cassie Stocks’ debut novel was inspired by a classified ad.

“It was a Hi 5 stereo, eight-track record player and the last line of the ad was, ‘Gladys doesn’t dance anymore. She needs the room to bake’ and I thought, well that’s kind of sad. Why is Gladys giving up dancing for baking?” she said.

“I just never forgot it and then when I started the story with Freida, this young artist, for some reason I remembered this classified ad and I thought, I should bring this Gladys in and the two of them came together.”

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Showing cars for mental health

By Lisa Goudy

Student Katie May is looking forward to helping stop the stigma of mental illness.

She is one of the students at John Chisholm School who helped organize the second annual show and shine set for June 6 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the school, which is located at 1250 11th Ave. N.W.

“I look forward to just all the people that are coming so that they can realize exactly what mental illness is doing for people because I really want to help,” said May. “I have dealt with mental illness for a while. It’s kind of exciting that we get to help out.”

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Suspense, murder and fun facts

Trolley tours start up again for the season

By Lisa Goudy

Ghost trolley tours have a touch of murder this year.

“Ghost tours this year are going to be ghost tours and tales of murder,” said Michelle Blakley, Moose Jaw Trolley Company manager with Tourism Moose Jaw. “We haven’t taken too much of the ghost stories away but we did change the route. Ghost tours this year are starting at the Rosedale Cemetery. So that’s where everyone’s going to meet. They’re going to gather there.”

Afterward, people will get on the trolley and learn about Moose Jaw hauntings and murders. This is the sixth season for ghost tours.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Mayor divulges thoughts on Mosaic Place

By Lisa Goudy

The Mosaic Place debate has been ongoing among residents for five years.

“It’s been a contentious project right from its early beginnings,” said Mayor Deb Higgins. “I think as the facilities have proven themselves to be great additions to the community, those (negative) views have softened somewhat.

“I think in some aspects it will always be a little bit contentious but I guess in many cases that’s the way it is with big projects.”

She said Mosaic Place and YaraCentre are important parts of the “new Moose Jaw” as they are new facilities with economic and residential growth.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Dogs guiding people through life

Moose Jaw Lions Club donates to dog guides program

By Lisa Goudy

There are six different dog guides to help people with a medical or physical disability.

The Lions Foundation of Canada is a national charity created by Lions Clubs in Canada to provide dog guides. The Moose Jaw Lions Club recently donated $10,000 to help purchase and train more dogs for the program. There was also a $20,000 anonymous donation. The total amount donated to the program is $30,000. The donation was made at Regina Beach on the Dedication Day for the memorial forest this past weekend.

“These dogs are available for free to recipients,” said Bob McKenty, a Moose Jaw Lion. “Someone paid $50,000 for a service dog and we’d like to make it clear that our services are free.”

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Gearing up for The A-Moose-ing Race

By Lisa Goudy

The third annual event will be held on July 5 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“The A-Moose-ing Race is a fundraiser for the Kidney Foundation of Saskatchewan and just raise awareness for the importance of organ donation,” said Brad Stewart, challenge co-ordinator of The A-Moose-ing Race. “My family’s been affected by it. All the money stays in Saskatchewan for this event.

“On a personal level, it’s just about raising awareness, as well … about talking to your family and letting them know the importance of organ donation.”

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Recycling discussions heating up

Many residents express concern over Sobey’s recycling bins

Grace Armstrong, president of the Fairview
Manor Condominium Corporation board, voices
the residents' concerns over the location of the
eight recycling bins in Sobey's parking lot at the
May 26, 2014 executive committee meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Eight recycling bins have caused a lot of trouble.

Ever since September 2012, the bins have been sitting on the Sobey’s parking lot. On Monday, members of the Fairview Manor Condominium Corporation once again expressed their dislike for the location of the bins to executive committee. The condos are located behind Sobey’s and there are 24 units in the building.

“City dumpsters have been placed close to our building on Sobey’s lot. Garbage is constantly going into our grounds and in the front door of Fairview Manor. The sliding doors on the dumpsters are frequently opened,” said Grace Armstrong, president of the Fairview Manor Condominium Corporation board.

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Bringing more play to the YMCA

By Lisa Goudy

A donation by the Wakamow Rotary Club and the Rotary Club will help young kids have more equipment to play on.

The club’s recent $3,320-donation to the Moose Jaw YMCA will be used to purchase equipment for the early years indoor play space at the YMCA Strong Start Family Centre on South Hill.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Festival of Words to host author Claire Cameron

By Lisa Goudy

Claire Cameron loves using the outdoors to help create suspense in her novels.

“I think I take a literary approach to kind of an adventure suspense story. I play with genres,” she said. “I’m very interested in form and voice, but I’m interested in the adventure and taking risks too. It’s the human aspect of it that I’m most interested in.

“So when you go outside with other people and you’re in sort of a suspenseful or maybe scary situation with other people, you learn so much about them and from a writer’s point a view, that really allows me to get inside my characters.”

Cameron, an author who lives in Toronto, will be attending the Saskatchewan Festival of Words this summer.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Preventing bullying at its roots

Program promotes empathy, needs daily votes for grant money

By Lisa Goudy

Teaching empathy to kids can help turn a bully personality into a protector personality.

That’s what the classroom-based program for kindergarten to Grade 8 students, Roots of Empathy, strives to accomplish. 

“It’s to help children recognize the humanity in each other. The short-term goals of the program are to lower levels of aggression in children amongst their peers so anti-bullying,” said Daycee Richardson, a Roots of Empathy instructor in Moose Jaw.

“But the long-term goals of it are actually to impact the next generation of parents because there’s so much valuable information that they learn along the way about child development.”

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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 weaves emotional, dramatic web

Image source:
By Lisa Goudy

“Soon, everyone in the city is going to know how it feels to live in my world, a world without power, a world without mercy, a world without Spider-Man.”

Those words, uttered by the villain Electro (Jamie Foxx) in the latest Spider-Man film, sum up the tone of most of the movie. The stakes are higher. The personal repercussions are greater.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has a running time of 142 minutes, but the film swings along at a great pace. It is a thrilling cocktail of action, romance, drama and humour. The plot is a complicated one with many things happening at the same time. Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is continually trying to find a way to balance his vigilante lifestyle with his personal life.

He is back together with girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), but he is still haunted by his promise to her dead father to stay away from her. This starts an on-again-off-again relationship with Gwen. But, as Gwen is quick to point out, she refuses to let Peter make any decisions for her.

Still desperate to find out the secrets about his parents, Peter digs further into OsCorp, where he reconnects with childhood friend Harry Osborne (Dane DeHaan). More information is unearthed about what happened with Peter’s parents.

But, after an unfortunate accident at OsCorp, villain Electro surfaces and he is angry, especially with Spider-Man. The titular hero is soon faced with three villains, including Electro, who are all out to kill him.

Garfield and Stone have amazing on-screen chemistry that could stem from their off-screen relationship. Stone’s Gwen plays a central role in the film’s events, but beyond that, she and Garfield’s Peter shine in any scenes they share. Their chemistry roots the film and is part of the reason it is kept entertaining.

The villains are convincing and realistic in the way they are portrayed. They come off as worthy adversaries for Spider-Man.

The movie’s take on Harry is fresh and distinct from previous Spider-Man films. It proves to be a vitalizing take on a character that was depicted previously by James Franco.

Visually, this movie is fantastic.

The special effects immerse viewers in the scene with spectacular shots.

As Spider-Man jumps off a roof and down several stories, the audience is taken along with him. When Electro lights up New York City, viewers experience that firsthand. The pyrotechnics and visual effects are astoundingly good.

There is a lot going on in the film, however. Dealing with three villains, there isn’t a lot of room for in-depth character development and yet, we see enough developments to find the villains frightening, angry and believable.

Everything is woven together into an entertaining and dramatic web. Peter realizes being Spider-Man might just take a larger personal toll than he could’ve anticipated. The film also provides a good lead-in for another sequel that will hit theatres in a few years.

All in all, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an entertaining and wonderful film, filled with action, heartbreak, emotional rollercoasters and an ending that will intrigue anyone for another film.

And for any X-Men fans, make sure to stay to mid-credits as there is a scene not to be missed.

*** This review also appeared in the May 21, 2014 edition of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald weekly paper, FYi

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Poet Katherena Vermette heading to the Festival of Words

By Lisa Goudy

For poet Katherena Vermette, the best part about poetry is how expressive and open it can be.

“Poetry is my first love. Poetry doesn’t concern itself with anything extraneous,” she said. “It’s really specific. It really goes right to the point. It’s a very different feel than traditional storytelling or fiction writing, which kind of is more of a journey, but really I like everything that I write and that’s why I write in multi-genres.”

Vermette, who won the 2013 Governor General’s Literary Award for poetry for her first book, North End Love Songs, will be at the Saskatchewan Festival of Words in July.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Relating and learning from the X-Men

By Lisa Goudy

I’ve always been a fan of X-Men. My first introductions to any of the characters were actually in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). I remember watching it at home and enjoying it. A few days later, I watched the original X-Men trilogy, including X-Men, X2 and X3: The Last Stand all in one day.

Since then I have seen every X-Men movie in theatres. This weekend, I will be seeing the latest film, X-Men: Days of Future Past that opened today. I have learned more about the characters in their comic book form and movie adaptations.

I obviously can’t speak to how good the movie is because I haven’t seen it yet. The X-Men movie franchise has been around for 14 years. A lot of people can relate to various X-Men characters and that is why they are loved so much. We can often see bits of ourselves in those characters.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Council notebook

Council sits at the May 20, 2014 meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

The city’s customer service area dealt with more than $13 million in payments in the first three months of this year.

The area also issued 14,322 cash receipts and processed 8,408 electronic payments.

Council heard the first quarterly reports of the financial department at Tuesday’s council meeting.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Bestselling author Miriam Toews coming to Festival of Words

By Lisa Goudy

Miriam Toews can’t wait to interact with readers and authors at the Saskatchewan Festival of Words.

“With any festival, there’s that opportunity to sort of get an immediate response to your work, to meet readers and to see that there are actually people reading your books,” she said. “A lot of us, if we have books out in a certain year, we travel the same circuit at festivals and so it’s always nice to catch up with friends of mine who are writers.”

The author of many bestselling and award-winning books such as A Complicated Kindness (2004), Summer of My Amazing Luck (1996) and The Flying Troutmans (2008), Toews has been invited several times before but, as her kids were growing up, she was unable to attend until this year.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Recognizing recreation and parks in June

The Phyllis Dewar Outdoor Pool
will open for the summer on June 9.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Taking a look at energy efficient choices

Coun. Don Mitchell speaks about the environment
advisory committee's recommendation to explore
possibilities for energy efficient technology
in wastewater treatment facilities at
the May 20, 2014 council meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Savings might result from options using energy efficient technology in wastewater treatment facilities.

At Tuesday’s meeting, council approved the environment advisory committee’s recommendation for the engineering department to explore options for using that technology.

“This comes as a result of a communication and background report from SaskPower/SaskEnergy regarding potential for energy efficiency opportunities, particularly in relation to wastewater treatment, but potentially other facilities as well,” said Coun. Don Mitchell.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Mulling over multiplex contingency money

Council allocates remaining funds to a capital reserve for multiplex

Coun. Brian Swanson argues against placing the
remaining $510,623 in the contingency fund in a
capital reserve for future upgrades at Mosaic
Place and YaraCentre at Tuesday's meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Three and a half years and 45 monthly updates have all led to the final contingency fund report for Mosaic Place and YaraCentre.

In the 46th update to council for the multiplex contingency fund presented to council at Tuesday’s meeting, it stated total costs for the Mosaic Place contingency projects are lower than expected after total costs have been reconciled.

As such, after a lengthy discussion, the majority of councillors voted in favour of placing the remaining $510,623 in the contingency fund in a capital reserve for future upgrades at Mosaic Place and YaraCentre.

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Presenting the fairy tale academy at RuBarb

RuBarb Productions upcoming children show runs June 12 to 14 

By Lisa Goudy

Kids under the age of 19 will show more than Cinderella in the upcoming RuBarb Productions children’s show.

“It’s really wonderful. This show, when we did the read through with the whole cast, the kids were just laughing. They thought it was so funny,” said Evie Koop Sawatzky, artistic director of RuBarb Productions Inc. “This group of about 30 kids is unreal. I’m always shocked. I’m just bowled over when I hear them singing. They are just, all of them, letting it rip.”

The show, Disney’s Cinderella Kids and Other Hits from the Magical Kingdom, will run from June 12 to 14 at 7 p.m. each night at the Mae Wilson Theatre. The story opens with Tinkerbell talking about her favourite Disney princess, Cinderella. After Tinkerbell’s report on Cinderella, Prof. Zazu from The Lion King invites everyone to sit down and other students tell their stories and reports.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Love builds brains

Positive environment needed to shape young children
Dr. Jean Clinton of McMaster University in
Hamilton, Ont. speaks about the importance of
love and face-to-face interaction for childhood
development at a luncheon put on by the
Moose Jaw South Central Regional Intersectoral
Committee at Wood Acres on May 16, 2014.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy

By Lisa Goudy

Nothing should replace face-to-face interactions with kids.

“We’re seeing lots of parents on iPads and on their iPhones and we need to let them know that face-to-face time rather than FaceTime is really, really important, that the building of the brain is built through face-to-face,” said Dr. Jean Clinton of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. following a presentation at Wood Acres on Friday. “One of my key messages is that love builds brains.”

She spoke to a capacity crowd of about 90 people downstairs at Wood Acres as part of the Moose Jaw South Central Regional Intersectoral Committee’s early childhood luncheon on Friday.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lower bus pass rates for low-income individuals

Provincial government increases funding for discounted bus pass program
Mark Sture, City of Moose Jaw transit manager (right)
and Warren Michelson, Moose Jaw North MLA, listen
as Deputy Mayor Coun. Brian Swanson (left) speaks
about the provincial government announcement of
 increased funding for the discounted bus pass program
on May 16, 2014 in council chambers at city hall.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy

By Lisa Goudy

Approximately 2,400 Moose Jaw residents will benefit from the discounted bus pass program.

On Friday, Moose Jaw North MLA Warren Michelson announced that the provincial government has increased its contribution to the discounted bus pass (DBP) program for a total of $1.6 million for Moose Jaw, Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Swift Current, Yorkton and North Battleford.

“Our government is able to provide funding increases like this because of growth, but, as our growth plan states, we don’t want growth simply for growth’s sake. We need growth with purpose,” said Michelson.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Fan Expo Regina: A fun weekend to never forget

By Lisa Goudy

It’s been two weeks since I was at Fan Expo Regina and yet it still feels like it was yesterday.

I remember the rush of excitement as I shook hands with, met, chatted with and got a photo taken with celebrities Ray Park, Marina Sirtis, Tia Carrere and Kevin Sorbo. I remember how friendly they all were. Just thinking of it puts a smile on my face. We were bubbling with excitement the whole time.

I remember surging through the aisles at Evraz Place looking at all the displays and items for sale. I remember sitting in on several panels. I remember the cool cosplay.

It was May 3 and 4. It was a weekend I will never forget.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Reflecting on the spring session

Local MLAs pleased with results of the spring session

By Lisa Goudy

Growth and a balanced budget are two of the highlights from the spring session for Warren Michelson and Greg Lawrence.

“I think the advancement of the government agenda, the steady growth of the province and the performance of the province has done very well,” said Michelson, provincial MLA for Moose Jaw North. “I think that also is backed up by the Conference Board of Canada’s release (Thursday) that Saskatchewan has an A+ in their performance, their economic performance.”

Thursday marked the last sitting of the spring session of the provincial government. Michelson and Lawrence said the balanced budget with no tax increases was the biggest highlight of the session.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Rolli shares tales of cats, tigers, nannies and bees

Saskatchewan writer and cartoonist visits local elementary school

Rolli, a Saskatchewan writer, illustrator and
cartoonist, shakes hands with a student at King
George Elementary School on May 15, 2014.
Rolli was on hand to read excerpts from some
of his stories and answer questions from kids.
 Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

There was talk of nincompoops, piles of garbage and a nanny with sharp teeth at King George Elementary School on Thursday morning.

Rolli, a writer, illustrator and cartoonist from Saskatchewan, spoke to students at the school in pre-kindergarten to Grade 6. A few Grade 8 students who are in a writing and drama group attended the presentation as well.

“I like all the funny stuff in his stories” said Destiny Whyte, a Grade 3 student at the school. “He’s really funny.”

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Perplexing pentagram

City, Wakamow Valley unsure of its origins
Wakamow Valley Authority and the City of
Moose Jaw are unsure of the origins of the
pentagram located in the former Wild Animal
Park, seen here on May 14, 2014. There are also
candles by a tree next to the pentagram (far right).
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy

By Lisa Goudy

A pentagram and five candles in the former Wild Animal Park are a mystery.

“We don’t actually know anything about that,” said Crystal Froese, director of community relations for the Wakamow Valley Authority.

She added there haven’t been any calls about it. However, the weather is just starting to get nice enough for more people to be out and about in the parks and on the walking trails.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Police to hold first annual awards ceremony

By Lisa Goudy

The Moose Jaw Police Service (MJPS) will present four awards on Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: A potential new avenue for citizens to speak at council

Coun. Dawn Luhning sits at the May
12, 2014 executive committee meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

If council votes the same way as executive committee, citizens can informally address council on city matters without debate or action of council.

“This is one that I am quite excited about actually. Right now in committee of the whole, we do have some people that simply send in a lengthy letter about a particular topic or something. They just want to get up and want to speak to how they feel about something,” said Coun. Candis Kirkpatrick.

“It might be a personal issue. It might be something that is an issue with the city, but really they don’t require anything of us and … I believe that some of the things that we receive as information items now might end up here.”

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: No injuries in Caribou Street house fire

Firefighters and police officers exit from the
back of the house where a fire started and was
contained in the basement at the intersection
of Caribou Street West and 10th Avenue
Northwest on the afternoon of May 13, 2014.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

No one was home when a fire broke out in the basement at a house on Caribou Street West on Tuesday afternoon.

Members of the Moose Jaw Fire Department and Moose Jaw Police Service arrived on the scene of the home at the corner of Caribou Street West and 10th Avenue Northwest shortly after 1 p.m. after a passerby saw smoke coming out of a window.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Procedure bylaw unravelled

Executive committee discusses proposed changes to the city’s “constitution”
Executive committee members talk about
the proposed changes to the procedure
bylaw at the May 12, 2014 meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy

By Lisa Goudy

A three-hour discussion ensued over proposed changes to the procedure bylaw at Monday’s executive committee meeting.

There were 21 proposed changes for council’s consideration brought forward at the meeting. Members of the bylaw review committee vetted all amendments that were discussed in order.

Approval required a 5-2 majority because it is the city’s “constitution” and is a “foundational document,” according to a city clerk/solicitor’s department report.

Councillors had mixed feelings about the proposed changes.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Awaiting the final bark on off-leash dog park

Coun. Candis Kirkpatrick shares her views on the
final design of the off-leash dog park at the May
12, 2014 executive committee meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
Executive committee approves final design of park

By Lisa Goudy

Soon dogs will have a place to run around in the city without a leash.

Executive committee approved the final design of the off-leash dog park at Monday’s meeting. The committee gave city administration the green light for the construction of the park at a cost of $72,000.

The operating and maintenance costs, estimated at $5,000 per year, will come from the city’s annual operating budgets. The dog park will be located at the west end of Hamilton Flats south of the 1500 block of High Street West.

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