Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Trying to help get a newborn home

Trust fund to help family with long-term hospitalized infant

By Lisa Goudy

Having a newborn hospitalized for almost a year is a long time.

That’s the story of Carlin Banach, who was born with Down syndrome to a Moose Jaw family. He has been in the hospital since he was born on Dec. 5, 2012 — more than 320 days so far.

Angie Neuberger’s second son, now 12, also has Down syndrome. When she heard about Banach’s difficulties, she wanted to help.

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Change fire alarm batteries to save lives

Individuals should change their
fire alarm batteries annually.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Forgetting to change fire alarm batteries could have fatal consequences.

“You can confirm that your smoke alarm is going to work in the event of a fire,” said Insp. Rod Klippenstein with the Moose Jaw Fire Department. “Most of the older types (of batteries) (should be changed) every year. There are some new ones that contain batteries that can last up to 10 years.”

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Avoid being a victim of financial fraud

By Lisa Goudy

Personal financial information shouldn’t be shared with anyone, even family or close friends.

“I was reading a mother had said that she got some help from her daughter using a credit card and then when the statement came in for the previous month, there were charges that the mother didn’t remember making,” said Catherine Gaudreau, spokesperson with the Canada Safety Council. “The daughter kind of laughed it off because the result there was that her financial information had been used by her daughter to acquire items.

“So fraud isn’t necessarily strangers. It can be people close to you.”

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Council notebook

By Lisa Goudy

Councillors have until Nov. 4 to make individual resolution submissions for the 2014 SUMA convention.

At Monday’s council meeting, council received and filed a city clerk/solicitor’s department report for potential resolutions for the 2014 SUMA annual convention to be held from Feb. 2 to 5 in Regina.
Council resolutions must be submitted by Nov. 22. Any individual suggestions will be presented for council review on Nov. 12.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Two scholarships given out at council

Mayor Deb Higgins presents the Snowbirds
Scholarship to 2013 Central Collegiate graduate
Evan Pinter at Monday’s council meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Two recent high school graduates received honours at city council.

Evan Pinter and Shawn Stephens received prestigious scholarships at Monday’s council meeting.

Pinter, a 2013 graduate of Central Collegiate, was presented with the Snowbirds Scholarship. The scholarship is to further post-secondary studies by cadet members.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Learn what provincial foreign worker act entails

By Lisa Goudy

New legislation pertains to foreign workers and employers.

On Oct. 11, the provincial government proclaimed the Foreign Workers Recruitment and Immigration Services Act to protect foreign workers.

On Wednesday the Ministry of the Economy is hosting two information sessions to explain the legislation, what effects it has and the new rights and responsibilities.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Filtering out poor water quality at Mosaic Place

By Lisa Goudy

Mosaic Place will soon have a new water filtration system.

While presenting the 39th monthly update on Mosaic Place and Yara Centre at Monday’s council meeting, director of parks and recreation Jody Hauta said the city is reviewing the three water filtration systems proposed by HCL Construction to resolve water quality at the facility.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Library, police budget estimates are in

Council hears operating budget submissions for 2014

Council votes to refer the Moose Jaw Public
Library operating budget submission for 2014 to
budget committee for further discussion at the
Oct. 28, 2013 regular council meeting at city hall.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

The first 2014 operating budget estimates are on the table.

At Monday’s regular council meeting, councillors heard the budget estimates of the Moose Jaw Public Library and the Moose Jaw Police Service.

The public library has a small budget difference from 2013 to 2014 estimates. The library’s overall 2014 budget estimates are approximately $1.043 million, which is $5,482 higher than the 2013-projected budget of $1.037 million.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Keep warm and save money on energy bill

By Lisa Goudy

Every degree turned down on the thermostat saves two per cent on a natural gas bill.

“Those are real savings. So at night, turn that thermostat down or if you’re going to be away from home the entire day, turn that thermostat down a degree or two. That can result in savings as well,” said Dave Burdeniuk, SaskEnergy spokesman.

“Newer homes may come with a programmable thermostat. If your house doesn’t have one, you might want to look at purchasing a programmable thermostat, getting that installed or doing it the old-fashioned way and turning the thermostat down.”

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Theatre opportunity abounds with RuBarb Productions

Evie Koop Sawatzky, artistic director of
RuBarb Productions Inc., and her daughter
Katie pose outside Moose Jaw's first theatre
company's office that will open on Nov. 1.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

In less than a week, Moose Jaw’s first theatre company will open its box office for the first time.

“The board has such a really huge vision that this will outlive all of us,” said Evie Koop Sawatzky, artistic director of RuBarb Productions Inc. “(The vision is) this will be Moose Jaw’s theatre company and provide opportunities for local professional artists, for artists in Saskatchewan that used to live here or people who have gone away and studied and are looking forward to coming home.”

The non-profit theatre company will open its doors at 321 Main St. N. on Nov. 1.

“What makes this location really excellent is obviously it’s downtown in the tourism part of the city and it’s just a block away from our theatre that we always perform in (at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre),” she said.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: A surprise visit to always remember

George Reed stops by longtime, terminally ill cancer Rider fan’s home
Longtime Saskatchewan Roughrider fan Greg
Lisik,who is also terminally ill with cancer, and
George Reed sit together at Lisik's home
over lunch hour on Oct. 25, 2013. Lisik's
son Trent arranged for Reed's surprise visit.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy

By Lisa Goudy

The date Oct. 25, 2013 is a date Greg Lisik won't forget.

It was the day when legendary Saskatchewan Roughrider George Reed stopped by Lisik’s home for a surprise visit over his lunch hour. Lisik is a longtime Saskatchewan Roughrider fan, terminally ill with cancer.

“I couldn’t tell you how much it means to me. Nobody could’ve done any more for me than this,” said Lisik. “I just about fell off the couch (when George Reed came in). I didn’t realize that he was coming.”

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: U of S law students visit Moose Jaw

A group of 20 first, second and third-year law students
from the University of Saskatchewan listen to local
dignitaries speak in council chambers on Oct. 25, 2013,
 Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

On Friday, 20 law students from the University of Saskatchewan visited Moose Jaw.

Co-hosts of the daylong event David Chow, senior partner at Chow and McLeod, and Rob Parker, senior crown prosecutor, said it is a U of S initiative.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: A nippy but calm and snowless Halloween

As seen on Friday, the lawn in front of 1141
Vaughn St. W. is all decked out for Halloween.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

It’s going to be a chilly night this Halloween.

“We’re certainly going to need to bundle up underneath the costumes for Halloween,” said Dayna Vettese, meteorologist with The Weather Network. “But with respect to precipitation, we don’t really expect there to be any (precipitation) falling out of the sky.

“So that’s the good news. (It’ll be) dry, but a little bit on the cool side for Halloween.”

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Eerie fun to be had this Halloween night

By Lisa Goudy

Halloween is a time for us to be someone we’re not.

From superheroes to villains, from goblins to ghouls and from clowns to royalty, Halloween is a time for it all. There are so many different costumes, ideas, decorations and candy. As long as you play it safe, Halloween is enjoyable.

For me, Halloween has always been about good fun. Dressing up as different characters or as different items is a fun experience. I haven’t gone trick-or-treating for a number of years, but that has never stopped me from dressing up, eating and distributing candy and watching my favourite Halloween movies.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Season’s greetings from downtown Moose Jaw

Christmas in October kicks off for another year

Mary Nash of Moose Jaw checks out some of the items
for sale at the Yvette Moore Gallery during the kick-off for
Christmas in October on the evening of Oct. 24, 2013.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

At 7 p.m. on Thursday, the trees and bushes lit up, sparkling in red and white.

The doors opened to the Yvette Moore Gallery and a group of people walked in. Familiar Christmas tunes played softly in the background. A giant tree, filled with handmade snowflakes, tuques, teddy bears and Christmas greetings stood tall in the middle of the room from the entrance.

“It just gets you into the feeling of Christmas,” said Mary Nash of Moose Jaw while browsing items in the gallery.

It was truly the beginning of the Christmas season in Moose Jaw on Thursday night when the Yvette Moore Gallery kicked off the annual Christmas in October event. I

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Teaching the art of blissology

Eoin Finn hosts yoga workshop at The Yoga Loft

Yogi, blissologist and ocean worshipper Eoin
Finn speaks to the attendees at his workshop
at The Yoga Loft on Oct. 22, 2013.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Renowned yoga teacher Eoin Finn believes there is a bit of the ocean in everyone.

“We’re kind of creatures that come out of salt water and if you look at the cell it’s mostly salt water. So we’ve learned to trap salt water in the body. It’s this continuous concept of where do we end and where does nature begin,” he said. “The more we can blur that line, the more happy we’ll be.”

The yogi, blissologist and ocean worshipper was a guest instructor in a workshop at The Yoga Loft on Tuesday night. Robyn Cunningham, owner of The Yoga Loft, worked toward getting Finn to do a workshop for the past two years. When she emailed his people a year ago to the day of the workshop, she said everything came together.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: A weeklong celebration of school successes

By Lisa Goudy

This week is about Supporting and Celebrating Success.

The provincial government proclaimed it education week to highlight the work of teachers, parents, caregivers, leaders and support staff.

“It actually brings to the forefront a very important aspect of our society and that’s our future because the children that are in our schools will be our future citizens,” said Geri Hall, superintendent of curriculum, instruction and assessment with the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division (HTCSD). 

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Possibility for refunds of deposits in Westheath Phase 4

By Lisa Goudy

If desired, the city will refund some of the Westheath housing down payments.

The decision to do so for some residential lots in the Westheath Phase 4 area was decided in one of the in-camera items at Monday’s executive committee meeting at city hall.

“Administration was recommending some changes to contract for purchasing land. There are some people who purchased property and they were unable to access it in a timely fashion,” said city manager Matt Noble.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Taking a 92-million-old bite into history

Crocodile Big Bert on display at the Moose Jaw WDM

At the official opening of Big Bert, a 92-million-year-old
Terminonaris crocodile found along the banks of
Carrot River in the Pasquia Hills in east-central
Saskatchewan, people examine the Royal Saskatchewan
Museum's travelling exhibit at the Moose Jaw
Western Development Museum on Oct. 22, 2013.
It will be on display until March 2014.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Big Bert is the most complete skeleton of its kind in the world.

Measuring 20 feet in length, the 92-million-year-old Terminonaris crocodile skeleton was first discovered in 1991 along the banks of Carrot River in the Pasquia Hills in east-central Saskatchewan.

Now, for the first time as a travelling exhibit, the display from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM) in Regina is on display at the Western Development Museum (WDM) in Moose Jaw until March 2014. The official opening ceremony took place on Tuesday.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Call in for legal information on Saturday

Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan to host Call in Day

By Lisa Goudy

Saskatchewan is celebrating National Pro Bono Week this week.

Various activities, such as training sessions for lawyers, will take place this week. The week will end with a public province-wide Call in Day on Saturday. People can call Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan (PBLS)’s toll free number, 1-855-833-7257, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday if they have a legal question. People will also be provided with a summary of legal information.

“Then they’ll be provided with some legal information, they may be pointed in a specific direction they should go in, they may be referred to an appropriate resource,” said Nicole Sarauer, programs manager and staff lawyer with PBLS.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Executive upholds city order for Grace Street fence

Councillors discuss the fence at 965 Grace St. that
is in violation of the boulevard bylaw at the
Oct. 21, 2013executive committee meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Neil and Cheryl Ingalls will need to fix their fence on Grace Street.

Executive committee decided to uphold the city order for the Ingalls’ fence at 965 Grace St. that is in violation of the boulevard bylaw, as recommended by city administration. Executive’s decision will need to be ratified by council at the next council meeting.

If ratified, the Ingalls will have until Nov. 30 to comply. Failure to do so may result in the city doing the work with costs added to the property taxes and may include a fine of up to $2,000.

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Henry Street resident upset by holes

By Lisa Goudy and Nathan Liewicki

Two large holes and piles of dirt sit idly on the 900 block of Henry Street.

Garnet Peterson, who owns a house on the block, said city crews dug a hole on Tuesday and another one on Wednesday to replace the sanitary line to two houses.

“(On Wednesday) we’re waiting for the contractor to put some laterals in (to the two houses) when we find out that the city works person didn’t schedule (a contractor),” said Peterson. “So now we’ve got two holes sitting, the street’s blocked off and nothing’s happening until next week.

“It’s just a waste of taxpayer’s money and time and the residents here now don’t have a street to drive on.”

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Connect on personal level, not just medical diagnosis

By Lisa Goudy

Sometimes we create our own problems.

There are many things we can’t control and problems arise because they arise. We can’t control all of our situations no more than we can control what colour of hair we’re born with.

But, according to 30-year psychiatrist Dr. Gary Greenberg, several mental health disorders aren’t real and psychiatrists need to be more honest with patients to help them.

In a recent article on the Daily Telegraph, Greenberg said the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the renowned source for mental health diagnosis and research is a “fiction.”

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: The gobbling history of Thanksgiving

By Lisa Goudy

Ever wondered what’s the connection between Thanksgiving and turkeys?

Growing up, and to this day, eating turkey has been a tradition at Thanksgiving. Once again this year I’ll be eating turkey on Thanksgiving weekend. I’ve never known why so many people eat turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie during this annual holiday, only that it’s just what we do.

I suspect it’s because of the celebration of the harvest. After all, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: A tough year to learn to believe

Gladys Baigent-Therens shows her
Believe breast cancer awareness
tattoo she got five weeks ago. She
designed the tattoo herself and was
diagnosed with breast cancer last year.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

The time was 9:20 a.m. The date was Sept. 4, 2012. The phone rang at work.

Those are details Gladys Baigent-Therens can’t forget because it was then she found out she had breast cancer.

“The whole thing kind of embarrasses me and it shouldn’t because it’s nothing I did and they’ve told me that and I don’t know why I feel that way. But I still just kind of do I guess. I hate the word,” she said. “Here we are in October and I guess it’d be about two months ago that I actually accepted the fact that I have cancer and that I’m a cancer patient.

“I couldn’t even actually say that word probably until two months ago, even though I had two surgeries and all the radiation and all the appointments.”

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: RSO to delight crowds with Christmas concert

By Lisa Goudy

Christmas is coming in a Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) concert at Mosaic Place.

“This is the symphony’s first time in Mosaic Place,” said Doug Campbell, director of business development at Mosaic Place. “Anytime you can have a holiday-themed show at that time of the year, customers are going to be in the festive spirit and looking for a great family show to come out to celebrate the holidays with.”

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Sept. continues trend of fewer permits, greater worth

By Lisa Goudy

The building permit for a 94-unit condo on Bradley Street has been approved.

In August the city approved a $3,250-permit to Caleb Group of Companies for the foundation of the unit at a cost of $650,000. In September, the same group received the largest building permit worth $56,750 for the condos on the 900 block of Bradley Street for a total cost of approximately $11.35 million.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Getting classy and creative in card making

By Lisa Goudy

Shauna Mikuliak said some of the best card makers are nine and 10 year olds.

“They’re really good at card making because they don’t have inhibitions about whether the card looks exactly like the sample or not. They just grab their supplies and go and have fun with it,” she said. “(I’ve seen card makers) from high school age all the way to people who are grandmas. It’s a nice hobby or pastime for people of all ages.”

Mikuliak, a Stampin’ Up! independent demonstrator, will facilitate the Christmas in October event on Oct. 26 in the social hall at Zion United Church from 1:30 to 4 p.m. The event is a fundraiser for the Moose Jaw Health Foundation.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Free dumping at landfill until Monday

By Lisa Goudy

Until Monday, household waste can be dumped at the landfill free of charge.

“The intent is just for the residents. They can take care of a lot of their normal household wastes and whatnot, especially at this time of year with all the leaves and lawn trimmings,” said Marlin Stusek, city engineering technologist.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Waste day to collect hazmat items

By Lisa Goudy

The City of Moose Jaw wants everyone’s hazardous waste.

On Oct. 19 the city will have its Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the city complex, 1010 High St. W.

“The city is offering this program every year for the residents because people might (clean out) their basement,” said Mahabub Zaman, manager of Engineering with the city.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Fifth Moose Jaw Habitat for Humanity house to be on Home Street

Executive approves $5,000 grant, Stadacona Street family evicted

Matt and Jennifer Dominguez, Moose Jaw Habitat
co-chair, discuss requests regarding two properties
at Monday's executive committee meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Habitat for Humanity is aiming to have homes in all parts of Moose Jaw.

“We’ve had the city donate the last four lots to us. We’ve been fortunate enough that lot No. 5 — it’s located on Home Street — that lot is being sold to us, but for a very good price,” said Moose Jaw Habitat co-chairwoman Jennifer Dominguez. “We’re looking to move to a different area of the city. We want the Habitat houses to be in other areas around the city as well.”

At Monday’s executive committee, councillors met with Habitat for Humanity representatives to deal with two properties, one located at 517 Home St. W. and another at 905 Stadacona St. E. where, for the first time in Moose Jaw Habitat history, the family was evicted.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Miscommunication and confusion around a fence

Grace Street resident appeals order to move newly built fence
Cheryl Ingalls addresses executive committee
to appeal a city order under the boulevard
bylaw regarding their fence at the corner of
the lane at 965 Grace St. and 10th Avenue
Northwest at Monday's meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy

By Lisa Goudy

A local couple’s fence was a subject of discussion at Monday’s executive committee meeting.

“I built a fence and we just moved it out another five feet from where it was. I asked the city if I could do that and they said, ‘Yeah as long as you stay five feet away from the curb,’” said Neil Ingalls prior to Monday’s meeting. “So I did and that’s all they told me. They didn’t tell me I had any other issues.”

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: City identifies Trees of Significance

By Lisa Goudy

The city recognized three special trees for their significance.

The golden willow tree located at the end of the lot at 1029 Normandy Dr., the green ash tree located in the front yard at 1306 Queen Cres. and the mancana ash tree located at 919 Hawthorne Cres. are the 2013 Trees of Significance.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Lisa's Corner: Try new things and discover yourself

By Lisa Goudy

I do not think I am an artist.

I would say I am a creative person, but my drawing skills aren’t exactly what you would call even close to somewhat resembling professional.

There are a lot of fabulous artists in the community. Just take a look at all of our beautiful murals in the city. They are more than amazing artwork on walls. They are pieces of Moose Jaw’s culture.

And yet, despite my beliefs that I cannot draw, I decided to paint a sunflower on a chair while covering the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre’s Creating Chairs event for Culture Days last weekend. Later as someone else I knew was hesitant to paint a sunflower as well, I said: “You never know. You might surprise yourself.”

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Council notebook - Sept. 30, 2013 meeting

Council unanimously votes in favour of an item
at Monday's council meeting at city hall.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

This year, the city is an endorsing partner with the Healthy Active Living Committee.

Council approved the city being an endorsing partner for the committee’s Communities Get Active regional project application for a community initiatives fund grant for $7,000.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Prairie South School Division sees enrolment increase

By Lisa Goudy

Enrolment is up in the overall Prairie South School Division (PSSD).

Darby Briggs, PSSD communications co-ordinator, said there are 6,367 students from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 enrolled in the schools. This is an increase of 33.3 full-time equivalent students from 2012.

“We’re looking really good this year. Our associate schools, which are Cornerstone Christian School and Caronport High School, they’re seeing some decline in enrolment this year,” said Briggs.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: No Wakamow Valley scale model in sight

Coun. Heather Eby and Coun. Patrick Boyle
listen as Coun. Brian Swanson details his
proposed motion on commissioning a scale
model of Wakamow Valley at Monday's meeting.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

With Valley View Centre's (VVC) impending closure, Coun. Brian Swanson suggested being proactive with planning.

At Monday’s council meeting, he proposed the city commission the construction of a scale model of Wakamow Valley from Plaxton’s Lake to the southern edge of the Wild Animal Park, including VVC lands at a cost of $60,000 from the city land replacement reserve. His motion also included tasking the municipal heritage advisory committee with supervising the project.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Moose Jaw Islamic Association to have place of worship

Dr. Fauzi Ramadan of the Moose Jaw Islamic Association
explains the location for the place of worship at 73
Lancaster Rd. to city council on Monday.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Moose Jaw will soon be home to a mosque.

At Monday’s council meeting, councillors approved the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan Moose Jaw branch’s request for a discretionary use application for a place of worship at 73 Lancaster Rd. It was as recommended by the municipal planning commission and all expenses will be borne by the applicant.

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Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Mixed views on the citizen survey

Seen at Monday's council meeting, Coun. Dawn
Luhning says the information in the $22,000-citizen
survey isn't anything she hasn't heard in the past.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy
By Lisa Goudy

Because of infrastructure, the majority of people aren’t satisfied with property taxes.

At Monday night’s council meeting, the citizen survey results were revealed. The Praxis Analytics survey cost $22,000 and surveyed 505 people between July 24 and Aug. 8.

Many of the questions were framed on a scale of one to five with one being very dissatisfied and five being very satisfied. There was a wide gap between importance and performance of property taxes.

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