Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Streeter video about recycling

We did an additional streeter that didn't make the video. Jada Kehler had good things to say, but the bus came by just as she was talking to us. The audio was too loud to hear. Her opinion did, however, make it into the print version. Here is her comment on the issue:

“I don’t really think many people would want to do that if you have to pay, when they can just do it themselves.”

- Jada Kehler

Thursday, January 13, 2011

1st INK Article

INK Article - RCMP cuts air marshal program

Photo by Lisa Goudy

I just finished posting my very first article on INK online. It was definitely a learning experience, from finding the idea for the story to posting the final version on the Internet.

When I was assigned to the federal beat for INK this semester, I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I was up for it. I had a week to find a story idea so naturally my eyes and ears were open to anything that might be of interest.

I didn't find my story idea until the day before the one-day assignment. I noticed an article that mentioned that the RCMP were going to make severe cuts to the air marshal program and they were expecting international criticism for this decision. When I looked into it further, I knew at once this was the story I wanted to do.

Photo by Lisa Goudy
 Deadline day rolled around and the story itself came together quite nicely. I called the Regina Division of the RCMP for a place to start and the media relations officer was kind enough to return my phone call within an hour and a half. He gave me the number of the media relations officer in Ottawa I should talk to. I very much appreciated his assistance.

When I called the number he gave me, I was lucky to catch the receiving officer on the line. She politely told me that she was sending by email a prepared document from the RCMP that all media inquiries received. The RCMP was making no further comment on the matter. I gave her my email and sure enough, within minutes, the statement was sitting in my inbox. 

Photo by Lisa Goudy

I had also interviewed random students at the University of Regina for a public opinion on this issue. I ended up with three successful interviews with some good quotes. After I took some pictures at the airport and grabbed a bite to eat, I sat down at my computer station and got to work.

I was done easily by the deadline without much stress. After editing my draft earlier today, I posted it on INK Online, which wasn't that difficult. My main struggle was uploading my picture to go with my article. The computer I originally used at home had trouble uploading my picture, but I was able to get it up and running quickly on my laptop. 

Photo by Lisa Goudy
With a couple of phone calls, three unsuspecting students, a few hours at the computer, and pasta for lunch all in one day, I was ready to go. So here I am, reflecting on this experience, with a satisfactory feeling coursing through my body. It sure feels good at the end of the day, making everything totally worth it.