Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Victory for the Green and White

By Lisa Goudy

We did it.

Sunday’s game at Mosaic Stadium in Regina marked a win for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Riders won their second game of the season, ending a seven-game losing streak as we defeated the Edmonton Eskimos 26-23. 

I, and everyone else in Rider Nation, couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. Leaving the stadium with smiles and cheers on our faces instead of hanging our heads low in disappointment as we have been for quite some time, is a far superior way to walk away from a game, especially considering the dismal season we’ve had this year and the year before.

Victories have been slim and the outlook has looked grim, but that we defeated the defending Grey Cup champions on Sunday just adds to the sweetness of victory.

But it was not an easy victory. 

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