Monday, April 18, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: A life still on the street

Timothy Hadwen has been living on the streets in Moose Jaw.
Lisa Goudy/Times-Herald
By Lisa Goudy

Homeless in Moose Jaw, Timothy Hadwen moved to Regina for a fresh start. There, he didn’t find the start he was looking for. So he came back to Moose Jaw. Here is the conclusion of the story that began in Saturday’s edition of the Times-Herald.

The Saskatchewan Assistance Program

The SAP is a “program for families and individuals who, for various reasons, including disability, illness, low income or unemployment-cannot meet their basic living costs,” says the SAP website.
Under the SAP, single individuals in Moose Jaw, either unemployable or partially employable, receive $363 for a full residence, but Hadwen says he couldn’t find a place to rent for that amount of money.
The SAP handbook says assistance payments are determined by “adding up your eligible needs and deducting your financial resources” and it depends on “family size, your needs and your income.”

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