Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Mountains of infrastructure deficit

Unfunded 10-year capital budget outlines $227 million in projects
City manager Matt Noble is seen at the Dec.
15, 2014 council meeting during budget talks.
Times-Herald photo by Lisa Goudy

By Lisa Goudy

Matt Noble, city manager, and Brian Acker, director of financial services, describe the 10-year unfunded capital budget as “not a wish list, but rather a compilation of essential projects that will require funding” in their report.

The unfunded capital budget totals $226.91 million in capital projects.

“The past practice of deferring these expenses to the future will continue to result in the City being faced with major projects that become urgent and must be addressed. The more projects are pushed off to the future, the more urgent they become when they finally must be addressed,” said the report.

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