Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Moose Jaw Times-Herald: Sharing Tom Sukanen’s story

Sask.-based author Elaine M. Will releases book, Dustship Glory  
 Photo courtesy Elaine M. Will
The final cover of Saskatchewan-based 
graphic novelist Elaine M. Will’s novel, 
Dust-Ship Glory, is shown.

By Lisa Goudy

Thanks to a suggestion from the Internet, Saskatchewan-based author and illustrator Elaine M. Will wrote her second graphic novel about Tom Sukanen.

“It’s called Dust-Ship Glory and it’s adopted from the novel of the same name by Andreas Schroeder,” said Will. “It’s based on the true story of Tom Sukanen, a Finnish immigrant who lived in Saskatchewan during the depression and attempted to build a large steam ship in the middle of his wheat field.

“Of course there’s the reconstruction of the ship outside Moose Jaw with the accompanying museum.”

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  1. I think this looks really interesting!